Surrounded by technology in the Stone Age batcave…

Batman surrounded by Stone Age tech
Batman surrounded by Stone Age tech

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Surrounded by technology in the Stone Age batcave…

I have been having a bunch of fun exploring the ideas of this Lego caveman batman.  I have been trying to match it to scenery that may have been visible in a time that lacks the bells and whistles of our day.  The Lego Batman Movie seems to be full of the latest and greatest tech because that’s what a single billionaire with a self absorption complex would likely do, right?

The ages of history, from Stone Age, to Iron Age, to Industrial Age, to the Information Age, are all defined by their technology.  Our age of information seems to flood the world with so much information that It’s also like sticking your head out the window while traveling at freeway speeds and trying to breath… I’m not sure how dogs can do that.

So much information and knowledge surrounds us but where is the wisdom?  My scoutmaster and friend when I was younger always said he had a lot of wisdom, heavy on the dom.  I’ve been thinking about that recently – and it’s true.  So many folks know so much, but what do you do with that information?  

What is wisdom?  

Wisdom is defined as having the experience, knowledge, and good judgement to act with the knowledge obtained.  So I think we are drinking up so many facts and tidbits of knowledge but maybe we are not getting the entire gulp.  We aren’t getting the experience.

It’s kind of like the image above.  Caveman batman is surrounded by the technology of his times, but what does it do for him?  How does he progress with that knowledge.  It gives him shelter and he can make weapons and tools of stone, but then what?  We are surrounded everywhere, and bombarded with information – but what can we do with this?  Where do we go from here?  How do we use the knowledge we obtain to our advantage?

Batman’s Lobster is Alive!?

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Wha…!? It’s still alive!? I nuked it for like 3 minutes!??

I got this idea from the fact that the little Lego lobster from the new Batman Movie CMF Series has cute little eyes.  How could he eat something so cute?  I took this shot inside.  I don’t often take pictures inside because the lighting is so much more difficult than natural outside lighting.  I find I have to turn off all the lights to get rid of all the unwanted reflection on the plastic.  I especially dislike it if it puts a glare on details like the face and eyes.

I wanted this shot to look like early morning in the batcave.  So I used a large chunk of selenite I had mined from a glitter pit in Saint George, UT.  I though it made for a good natural rocky wall that let the light filter in from the window.  The floor is a sample piece of Tritan from the Eastman Chemical Company.  I got this sample a while back when I was choosing a material for my Tritan Wowflute pocket ocarina.  The clarity it offers is fantastic and it made for a good translucent blue floor for batman to stand on.

I used a piece of wadded up paper (spit wad), and rolled it to fit into the lobsters bottom connector piece.  This way I could prop up the lobster to see more of the excellent detail while it still facing the camera.

The idea was this lobster is still alive and kicking!?  Alfred should’ve cooked it longer…  I had a similar experience as a kid but instead of sea crustaceans it was ants.  I am not sure what I was thinking but there was a phase in my early childhood where I experimented at the demise of small insects.  My dogs bowl of dogfood was out in the garage and had been discovered by a lone ant.  This slowly turned into a steady stream of ants which then covered the entire contents of the bowl.  My dog was disgusted for obvious reasons and I decided the easiest way to get rid of the ants would be to microwave them.

This was a disaster.

The ants didn’t seem to affected adversly from the microwaves.  Either they were too small or just have some kind of super power like ant-man to avoid radiation or something?  Well, the microwave was crawing with ants everywhere.  The microwaves had cooked the dry dogfood and made it hot which made the ants want to climb off.  It was a mess  to clean up but I learned that nuking something alive may not actually make it not alive.

Hence, batman discovers that simply nuking a lobster for three minutes in the microwave doesn’t always work…