Welcome to my little blog about Toy Photography… mostly.

My name is Joseph Cowlishaw. I reside in a small town in Southern Utah, USA with my Wife Christina and our five children.  I have always loved design and I am a designer by profession.  I also love to design products and I love well designed products.   As you can tell I also have a Toy Photography hobby.  This blog is mostly a place for my more in depth articles about behind the scenes and other aspects of photography but I also have connected my instagram feed so when I post – it shows up here too.

Why Toys?

Well, that is a good question.  I have always liked well designed toys.  LEGO® is by far my favorite mainly because of the creativity that is necessarily applied when playing with these blocks.  I especially am a fan of the LEGO® Minifigure in all their thousands of variations. There is a nostalgia that comes with toys that I find fascinating.  It helps connect people on a more personal level relating back to when they were a kid.  I also choose toys for my art because they are fun.  I like to make people laugh and I have found toys to be a good medium that can bring on some good clean humor.

I have always loved photography as a hobby, but I never really learned how to do it that well until I stumbled upon toy photography on Instagram.  I was hooked and thought I could do it just as well.  I love small items, and therefore macro photography was already something I enjoyed thoroughly.  Photographing LEGO® Minifigures was just like macro photography but I did not have to wait for insects or move around the lens as much.  Toys are generally stationary (except for the windy days).  I learned how to use my camera in a much more detailed way including all the modes that I didn’t bother with much before toy photography.  I guess you can say toy photography was the catalyst to get me to buckle down and learn all the technical aspects of photography including f-stops, depth of field, manual focus lenses and anything else photography related.  I am still learning every time I go out shooting which can be anytime with the portability of toys.

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy my photography and blog.